Casa Carol

Built in 1863, right in the center of the town, Carol House is nowadays one of the few buildings in

Suceava that brings you back in time. Constructed with some Armenian architectural features, the house

had belonged to a blue family, Prunkul, one of the aristocratic families from Bucovina; two former

mayors of Suceava appertained to this family: Abraham von Prunkul (1865-1870) and Michael von

Prunkul (1884-1886).

Since the past reveals the Armenian community as the one who developed this town from the business

point of view, today it is our duty to respect our predecessors and to carry on the legacy. That’s how

Carol House came out, a special building, which became a special restaurant: a menu created with

passion, inspired by fresh ingredients from our garden, select wines and different events organized for

and with our clients. The unique feeling of gaiety and the team always ensuring a fine dining standard of

service fills in perfectly all what Carol House really means.